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Based on its roots in 1996, BAFFEED came to life in 2011 with a business model based on quality and reliability. In 2013, it expanded its activities and switched to the production phase. Head Office in Konya, the center where history and culture meet, our company continues its production activities in Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone.

As BAFFEED, our goal is; To be one of the world's best feed additives, premixes, and phosphate producers in the sector. In line with this goal, we always focus on quality and maintain our understanding of continuous improvement. In addition to producing customized formulas for our customer's needs, we also include our production of feed additives such as Monacalcium (MCP 22.7% Granular) and Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP 18,0% Granular, Powder) into our production range.

We make a difference in the sector with our customized calf food, Salmonella inhibitor, acidifier, toxin binder, enzyme, live yeast, glucan, mannan, protein, amino acid, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral feed additives, and premix products. Our production process complies with quality certificates such as GMP+, ISO, and HACCP, which set the highest standards in the industry.

Our quality control process is carried out at every stage with meticulous attention to detail. We perform the quality control of raw materials and final products in our factory's laboratory, equipped with high-tech equipment. We guarantee that our products comply with the highest quality standards by using technological equipment such as UV-VIS spectrophotometer, HPLC, AAS, and Ion Chromatography devices.

BAFFEED, which plays an active role not only in producing feed additives, premixes, and phosphates but also in the field of social responsibility, gives importance to education, health, the environment, and historical values. It provides the necessary contributions for the formation of sustainable environmental awareness.

We aim to ensure continuity as the first choice of ruminant and poultry producers. We aim to increase the quality of life of our customers and farm animals with our products and services.

We attach great importance to research and development in the continuous improvement of our products and in providing innovative solutions. We follow the latest technological trends, provide continuous training for our team, and follow the most up-to-date information about the sector.

As a feed additive, premix, and phosphate producer, BAFFEED aims to become a globally recognized brand. To achieve this goal, we adopt a customer-oriented business model. We fulfill our commitment to provide customized solutions to our customer's needs and provide them with the best service.

We have a mission to add value to our customers, society, and the environment. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable world with our contributions to education, health, and the environment. With all these efforts, we aim to increase both the quality of our products and the diversity of our services.

Our company aims to minimize the use of environmentally harmful substances and to manage wastes most effectively to contribute to a quality and sustainable environment. Our products are produced in a way sensitive to the environment and animal health.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers who trust us is the foundation of BAFFEED's success and growth. The solid and long-term relationships we have established with our customers are at the heart of our business, and we continue to strengthen these relationships with each passing day.The satisfaction and success of our customers who choose us is one of our most important priorities. Striving for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, BAFFEED aims to continue its activities with the same values in the future. With the aim of continuous progress and development, we continue to produce products that set the highest quality standards in feed additives and premix products, using the latest technologies and scientific research in the industry.

As BAFFEED, we are proud to follow the innovations in the sector with our research and development activities and to reflect these innovations on our products. We use state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to continuously improve the quality and performance of our products. The quality control process of our products is carried out using advanced technology equipment such as UV-VIS spectrophotometer, HPLC, AAS, and Ion Chromatography devices.

Our customers who choose us receive products with the industry's highest quality standards and top-notch customer service and technical support. Providing customer satisfaction is one of our most important goals at BAFFEED, and we work every day to ensure this. As a result, BAFFEED makes a difference in the sector with its experience in feed additives and premix production, innovative products, high-quality standards, and a customer-oriented service approach. We aim to maintain our leadership in the sector and provide the best service to our customers by adhering to these values in the future.

BAFFEED by the Numbers



Our Vision

We aim to be the world leader in the feed industry with our superior-quality feed additives, premixes, and phosphate products. Our feed additive products are scientifically designed and carefully developed to increase our customers' livestock productivity. Our phosphate and premix products contribute to the healthy growth of animals to create a sustainable farming environment.

While aiming for leadership in this sector, we also make a difference with our toxin-binding products. Our toxin binders neutralize potentially harmful substances that animals can ingest from feed, increasing their overall health and productivity. That is, we not only provide our customers with the highest quality feed additives, phosphates, and premixes but also support their animals' healthy and safe growth.

Our Mission

BAFFEED shapes the future with its valuable experience from the past, and in this context, it is based on a consistent and predictable production model. The basis of this model focuses on the sustainability needs of your business.

Our company's culture is based on trust, open-mindedness, and a structure that supports different perspectives. This way, our ability to follow innovations in the sector improves, and we can produce the most suitable solutions for your needs.

We integrate our corporate responsibility into our core business processes. In this way, we emphasize that what we do is not only to produce a product but also to add value to society. With this understanding, we are working hard to put our knowledge and experience in our area of expertise to serve society. In summary, our aim as BAFFEED is to add value to our customers and society, as well as to provide quality products, and also to contribute to a sustainable future.


Hasan Huseyin KOMSUOGLU

Vice President



Mehmet URAN

Vice President

Our focus is on features that are sustainable in your business. Our corporate culture is built on trust, open-mindedness, and diversity.


10th Foundation Anniversary

We owe your contributions that we are growing every year and becoming one of the leading companies in the sector.

We celebrated our company’s 10th Anniversary excitement with the valuable contributions of our professional employees and uou, our customers, which enables us to come to these days in 2021

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