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What is GreenYeast?

GreenYeast increases the amount of beneficial microorganisms in the rumen. These beneficial microorganisms increase the digestion of feed raw materials, prevent diseases such as acidosis by keeping the rumen pH in balance, increase the dry matter intake, and thus increase the productivity of the animals.


feed efficiency


dry matter intake


fiber digestion


milk yield

Product Content

Active Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Among yeasts, S. cerevisiae contributes to the increase of cellulosic bacteria population in the rumen, increases glucose fermentation, and the number of beneficial micro-organisms in the environment.

Increase in aneorobic bacteria population

Increase in aneorobic bacterial population Oxygen is consumed, affecting fermentation and increasing microbial protein synthesis.

Beneficial Bacteria

Maintaining optimum rumen conditions

By stabilizing the pH in the environment, it prevents acidosis that may occur due to high-energy diets.

Cellulotic Bacteria

Increased cellulose digesting bacteria

Optimum pH 6.0-6.5 reduces risks from high-energy diets

Lactic Acid Usage

Stabilized pH

It stimulates lactic acid-consuming bacteria and promotes propionic formation.

Fiber digestion

Improves digestion of fibers

Removes oxygen from the environment and binds rumen bacteria to fibers by competing for sugars

Increased dry matter intake

Reduces Digestive Stress

Reduces Digestive Stress

Increases dry matter consumption through a healthy rumen environment


Increase in live weight and milk yield

Opticell contains a metabolically active, natural and specially selected live yeast (Saccharomycescerevisiae) to enhance rumen function. It is known that Sacchoromycesscerevisiae, which has been used in dairy cows and beef cattle for years, provides the desired proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in the rumen and increases milk yield, milk fat and protein even under stress conditions.


RUMINANT 1 kg/ton

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