Acidifier | Salmonella Inhibitor

Salmonella Inhibitor, Acidifier

Supports controlled microbial growth and prevention of pathogenic bacteria throughout the digestive tract for improved feed utilization and daily body weight gain.


heavy metal content

Salmonella Escherichia coli Clostridium

Digestive system functions are influenced both by feeding management and dietary characteristics. Feeding Management: Intermittent-Free Feeding. Diet Features: Pellet Feed-Powder Feed.


pathogenic bacteria


optimum bowel ph



Modern feeding methods can cause overfilling of the digestive tract


Feed Consumption


Fullness in the Gut


in Stony Stimulation

So what happens if the digestive system is overfilled?

  • High feed intake, overfilling of the gut, reduced gizzard stimulation.
  • Gut: storage function, gizzard: feed organization function.

Salmonella 6 .8 / 7.2

Escherichia coli 6 .0 / 8.0

Clostridium 6 .0 / 7.0

Listeria 4 .0 / 9.6

Fusarium 5 .5 / 7.0

Aspergillus 6 .5 / 7.5

penicillium 4 .5 / 9.0

mukor 4 .5 / 5.8

Organic acid salts show their inhibitory effects on bacterial growth in crops and gizzards by lowering the pH and by anion-proton effects in microbial cells.

  • Feed utilization rate
  • optimum pHs for pathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Calcium formate and calcium propionate suppress mold and bacteria growth
  • inhibiting metabolic functions of bacteria
  • regulating the intracellular pH of bacteria
  • Disruption of the bacterial cell membrane

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