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Our Calf Food, Salmonella Inhibitor, Acidifier, Toxin Binder, Enzyme, Live Yeast, Glucan, Mannan, Protein, Amino Acid, Antioxidant, Vitamin, Mineral Containing, and Feed Additives products which We have been producing in Our factory, and with Rich Ration in Ruminant and Poultry (Broiler and Layer) Nutrition Provides Support for Optimal Growth.Our feed additive products are registered in many countries. If you have a feed additive request or question about the registration process, feel free to contact us.


Toxin Binder

Acidifier | Salmonella Inhibitor


Live Yeast | Acidosis | Rumen PH

New Packaging System of Phosphate

Our factory has the most modern production line with a brand new packaging system for feed-grade phosphates in Turkey.

Here are some features of our new packaging system;

✔Closed Packaging System

✔Scale Sensitivity: 10 g per 25 KGs

✔Packaging Capacity: 30 MT per hour

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